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Unlike others, Bart Rice, as a B2B Copywriter, crafts B2B (Business to Business) communications which hit the Bull’s-Eye — and solve your problem.

Want your clients to be told about why and how your product or service is unique?

My well-researched copywriting will help your bottom line.

For many years as an attorney I’ve helped clients receive benefits. The same skills can benefit you within your business messages and publications.

My intensive experience in the worlds of finance, real estate, the stock market and commerce will be shared with you.

Where do you begin?

  • Identify your pain or problems
  • Problems then analyzed
  • Exploration of logical outcomes


American Writers & Artists B2B Copywriting Mastery

American Writers & Artists Certified Copywriter



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  • A white paper is a useful product and publication to highlight a company’s expertise, as well as a valuable tool for marketing purposes...

“How to Prosper with Proper Problem/Solution Content”

Ever wonder why some buyers do not buy? Once refined strategies are in place to share critical information with prospective clients your desired results are realized.

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